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This is the One Secret to Being Happy

It’s no news that every human being on earth wants to be happy. When you think about it, you’ll realize many things you do throughout the day are done specifically to make you cheerful. There’s no shame in that. Happiness is one of the best emotions you can experience, and it is definitely worth chasing!

Yet – despite your best efforts – at times happiness doesn’t come easily. Some days, everything just goes wrong. Other days, you simply aren’t feeling it. In any case, you miss out on the feeling of joy that makes living life really worth it. Is there a way that you can reliably stay happy?

It’s about mindset

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All people, from vastly different walks of life and immeasurably distinct areas of the world, have the ability to be happy. The rice farmer in Cambodia, the movie star in Hollywood, the beggar in the streets of Kochi, the business man in New York City – each of these individuals experiences the same emotion of happiness. If you look at this phenomenon from an analytical standpoint, it proves that happiness does not come from external situations, locations, or objects.

Happiness Isn’t External

If happiness isn’t caused by external factors, then there’s only one other option: happiness is internal. All things internal, including our emotions, ultimately come from our minds. This is great news! Just like almost everything else in our bodies, we have the power to train and even control our minds.

The secret to being happy

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The simple secret to being happy is to make up your mind to be happy, no matter what.

It’s almost too simple isn’t it? Can you really just choose to be happy in any situation? Yes, you can. And you most certainly should!

There are going to be challenges and unpleasantries you’ll have to overcome in your days here on earth. It’s part of the human experience. But wouldn’t you rather work through these challenges in a state of cheerfulness rather than anger or despair? If you can do that, tough situations won’t be much of a hurdle to you at all.

Make a habit out of being happy. Make it a mindset. Realize you have the power to choose happiness over any negative emotion, and use that power. Think about what your life would look like if you were constantly in a state of happiness. The only thing holding you back from from possessing that life is yourself.

A quick note

There is one condition in which happiness can’t be achieved: depression. For many different reasons, depression is becoming more and more common in society today. It is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain and leads to devastating results. If you even think there’s a chance you are experiencing depression, reach out to someone for help. You aren’t alone, and there are many different options for assistance and recovery. Stay strong and you’ll make it through to the other side.